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This website was created by friends of the Steele-Baker Family, Ari, Imani (Dannie) and their mother, Kathleen, as a means to provide much needed help to assist Ari and Imani in continuing to fight their complicated battle against chronic Lyme disease and toxic mold-induced illness. This family has bravely faced this devastating illness and now needs a community of support. With our help, they will be strengthened and encouraged to not lose heart, and to hold onto their dreams for a vibrant future. It is our goal to assist Ari and Dannie to acquire the medical treatment they need to return to a vibrant state of health and to pursue their educational goals and aspirations. They are brilliant young people who have so much to offer the world, and are anxious to be self sustaining and to give back to the community, Ari as a business-minded inventive entrepreneur, and Dannie as a doctor, who dreams of serving people without adequate access to health care.

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