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Dannie's Dreams

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Dannie's dreams and aspirations

I cannot pinpoint the exact time in which I found what I currently understand to be one of my most predominant purposes in/for this life. However, one of the tar coated, disguised blessings of having this illness is that I somehow, at sometime or another, realized and discovered my strong desire to become an OB-GYN or Pediatrician (I am still debating between the two). Had I not gotten sick, I doubt I ever would have given that career path any thought. Though now it seems the only one to be followed. I have already been exposed to quite a bit of the medical field/world but only the negative aspects. So I would love to be a part of/ contributor to all that is good and beautiful within the medical field…To focus on those entering the world successfully with so much promise and possibility, rather than to be bombarded with the frequent questions of death (as I am now). I plan (and have begun my first attempt) to attend community college for 2 years before transferring to a four year university or private college. I have a continuously growing list of possible choices, thus far, that are known for their pre-med courses. At which ever UC or private college I end up choosing/attending, I will declare my major in pre-med and then go on to medical school. I hope to eventually, ultimately create my own practice.
I present/describe/articulate my dream(s) for the next decade or so of my life as if it is already guaranteed though the majority of the time I know that isn't the case. I often exist in a state of self doubt and worry (even as I full-heartedly believe in God and that within him I have no reason to feel such things, I still do as a flawed human being) when it comes to my future. I question what is to come and find myself frustrated with the awareness that a large fraction of my dream is out of my control. I am extremely determined and will give everything I have vested in me to make my dream(s) and goals a reality. The illness is not under my command and on a daily basis it threatens to shatter all that I aspire to become and what I believe God has intended for me.

Additional dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future

  • Become fully independent
  • Continue my kickboxing; complete my training enough so that I can have at least a few good fights
  • Do missionary work
  • Travel
  • Get married
  • Move and get a house of my own (which I've already got planned out, down to the selection of floor tile)
  • Have children (four is the desired number)
  • Form at least a few depthful, long term friendships
  • Socialize!
  • Pick up all of the activities I used to do, again – horseback riding, singing, all sports, dancing, photography, modeling, etc.
  • Go bungee jumping, sky diving, etc.
  • Have enough land and the resources to own a few horses
  • Publish some of my poetry