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Ari's Dreams

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Ari's dreams and aspirations

Prior to my life being derailed by Lyme disease and toxic mold exposure, I dreamed of completing school to become an architect. From a young age, I have had a great interest in the construction and form of buildings, particularly homes. However, as a direct result of my illness, I was unable to complete high school (though I tested out and have a diploma), and have not yet regained enough of my health to participate in college. As such, I have had to adjust my dreams and aspirations for the present time.

As I struggle to help my body heal and defeat my illness, my focus has changed toward the area of business – particularly inventions and product development. Having had a few product ideas (their merit yet unknown), I am currently searching for a mentor with experience in intellectual property to help me protect and pursue my ideas. With my near constant state of significant sickness and limited physical ability and number productive hours, it has been necessary for me to look for unconventional constructive and worthwhile undertakings – those available to me despite my inability to currently attend school, predict my health from day to day, or exert my self heavily. My ultimate dream is to invent and patent a useful product, and have it successfully brought to market.

Other interests and dreams

  • Combating and helping to resolve local homelessness for both the homeless that can be rehabilitated and those with problems that would prevent self-reliance
  • Having the ability to follow and fully realize my passion for cars (particularly advanced safety features)
  • Marrying someone I find incredible – and raising children
  • Completely eradicating my illness and enjoy full health and a productive and active life that is a positive contributing force in my surroundings, if not in the whole planet!